Green Rabbit is a small solar powered bakery in the Mad River Valley specializing in naturally leavened breads. Our facility is tucked just below Mount Alice and nestled between our small pear orchard, berry plantation & annual gardens.

All Green Rabbit breads are composed from the purest ingredients:

organic grains, seeds, fruit, sea salt & water (sourced regionally when available). 

All loaves are gently fermented at cool temperatures for 24 hours to ensure the most flavorful, enduring & readily digestible bread possible.  This thorough fermentation of the grain renders these breads very tender toward the human gut making this a wonderful option for those with mild to moderate gluten sensitivity to quickly processed conventional wheat products.  All loaves are hearth baked in electrodeck ovens powered by the 66 Photovoltaic panels below our orchard.

Community is important to us.  Each year, we sponsor a local Little League Team,

co-sponsor the Blizzard Packs for Meals on Wheels,  sponsor the Rochester School

"I Love to Readathon" &  provide bread for  Community Suppers in Montpelier.

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