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I'm sorry I didn't order more pane e ciocoolata - they just might be the cutest little loaves I've ever seen!!

Thank you again for being the best baker in VT. It's truly an honor to support you and share your bread with folks.

Marielle, formerly of  Pete's Greens

Waterbury, VT


Your bread is not only delicious and expertly crafted--it makes me feel grounded and loved. 

I know that's corny and maybe not quotable, but its true. 

Elizabeth Shepard, food writer

NYC & Rochester, VT


Whoever once said that man can't live by bread alone hadn't tasted Suzanne's levain.

It's the perfect combination of crusty outside and chewy inside, with great flavor and texture. 

Suzanne's bread should come with a warning label: "May cause addiction."


Boston & Warren, VT


I could wax poetic about this bread for hours. I am a bread lover, so to me the tang of the sourdough, the crack of the crust, the ideal amount of holes inside the loaf combine to reach the peak of balance and perfection. It is an unparalleled bread of true artisinal quality. However, as someone sensitive to gluten, the best thing I can say about this bread is that I can eat it. Something about the slow, cold sourdough process makes the gluten in this bread much easier to digest than regular bread. I did not experience the bloating and other discomforts that I normally get with wheat bread. 

Thank you for making this incredible bread! Your bread is art!


Montpelier, VT


Suzanne's bread is the best I have ever had.  The crust is perfectly crisp and nicely browned without being too thick.  

The interior is creamy with a nice tang from the classic levain starter that serves as the base of her dough.  

Her garnished breads such as cheese and chive or olive and rosemary have the perfect amount of ingredients 

so that the true bread still shines through...  but as far as I am concerned, there is nothing better

than a thick slice of  her plain levain with a smear of cultured butter.


Founder of Localvore Movement, Mad River Valley


You know we LOVE your bread.... I get requests to have it available from all of our visitors near and far.  Our favorite is your potato bread but also love the rosemary/olive and jack/chive.  We have family in CT and although they have searched far & wide, they have not been able to find bread that comes close to yours- I

 sometimes wonder if they are visiting us or coming just to eat your bread :) 


Mad River Valley

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