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The process of baking truly artisanal sourdough bread is extremely physically enduring, 

detail oriented & time consuming.  Due to the challenge of finding employees in VT,

we have made the difficult decision to reduce our volume and to deliver only to those venues

closest to our facility in the Mad River Valley. This will enable us to prioritize quality & consistency,

and to minimize the strain on our hard-working hands, elbows & shoulders.


* We Currently Deliver to the Following Venues *

Mehuron's  Market

Waitsfield, VT

( Fr, Sat)

East Warren Community Market

 Warren, VT

(Fr, Sat)

Mad River Taste Place

Waitsfield, VT

(Fri, Sat)

Roots Farm Store

Middlesex, VT

(Fri, Sat)

Von Trapp Farm Store

Waitsfield, VT

(Fri, Sat)

Knoll Farm

Waitsfield (Summer Saturdays Only)


* Venues on Hold *

Commodities Natural Market


Woodstock Farmers Market

Waterbury Centre 

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